One of the things that excites me most about Chinese Mainland’s future is the incredible potential locked into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The development of this region of 86 million people is part of the key strategic planning in the country's overall development blueprint, with a view to developing an international first-class bay area ideal for living, working and travelling. Connectivity will play a hugely important role in the region’s success and is what provided the foundation for the launch of Greater Bay Airlines.

We take our name from this dynamic region and our raison d’etre is to support the Greater Bay Area’s growth. At the same time, we are fully committed to the continued development of Hong Kong as one of the world’s great international aviation hubs.

Basing our airline in Hong Kong gives us the best opportunity to make use of the synergies and network in the region as a whole, building on some of the tremendous infrastructure developments that are boosting access between Hong Kong and other Greater Bay Area cities. The completion of the third runway at Hong Kong International Airport in 2024 will create more opportunities, especially for an ambitious new airline such as GBA.

There is already a wide selection of carriers serving Hong Kong and other cities in the Greater Bay Area, so it was important for GBA to have a clear positioning in terms of the market we serve, the network we offer and the services we provide.

We aim to cater for the travel needs of people from across the Greater Bay Area, primarily for leisure travel, connecting them to an ever-growing number of destinations in Chinese Mainland, North Asia and Southeast Asia. We have applied to fly to 104 destinations in total and will add new routes as fast as our fleet expansion allows. We will fly to major, first-tier cities as well as up-and-coming tourism destinations that have previously been inaccessible directly from the region.

Hong Kong already has a significant edge as an aviation hub, but GBA will bring something new to the city – the first value carrier offering premium services at an attractive price. While we will offer great value to our customers, there will be no short cuts taken in terms of the quality of products and services we provide. Our fleet will be the super-efficient Boeing 737-800s and our team is drawn from industry veterans who understand the key issues – from an unerring focus on safe operations to being in touch with our customers’ needs.

Our team is now working at full speed to begin operations from early next year. As the pandemic continues, we are fully aware of the challenges the travel and aviation sectors face, but at the same time we are keen to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead – in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland’s and Asia as a whole. The future for the Greater Bay Area looks bright and we are proud to carry its name as we get ready to mark a new chapter in the region’s aviation story.

Mr. Wong Cho Bau, J.P.