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Greater Bay Airlines Company Limited - Cookies Policy


Cookies are small files downloaded to your device by a website you visit. They will be sent back to the originating website domain if you visit that domain subsequently. Cookies allow the website to operate properly and may provide the website owner with data that can help enhance your experience.

Types of cookies used

Essential cookies
These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website. Our website cannot operate properly without essential cookies. You can disable or block these cookies in your browser, but then parts of our website may not work.

Analytics cookies
We use analytical cookies to measure and analyse how you use our website. This helps us improve our website, identify and fix problems and enhance your experience.

Functional cookies
These cookies allow us to collect the choices you make and the information you provide when browsing our website. Without functional cookies, our website may not work reliably.

Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies are used to display advertisements on other sites you may visit and to make advertising more relevant to you. We may work with third parties to deliver relevant content and measure the effectiveness of the advertisements. Third party marketing cookies help us present to you advertisements for products and services in which you may be interested.

Your choice

You may manage your cookie preferences and choose to block or allow essential cookies, analytics cookies, functional cookies or marketing cookies, or refuse to accept or disable cookies, by changing your browser settings, but bearing in mind that our website may not function properly without the use of some cookies.

Changes to the Cookies Policy

We may change this cookies policy. You should review our cookies policy to keep informed of how we use cookies from time to time.