Online Check-in

Passengers can check in online from 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to original departure time. For baggage check-in, please approach to our airport counters, airport counters opening time,  please refer to this link :  Please bring valid passport as well as related documents and allow sufficient time to the gate for boarding. The gate will close punctually 20 minutes before scheduled departure time and any late show passengers will be denied boarding.

How to arrange Online Check-in?

It is very easy to check-in online. Simply follow the below instructions and you can arrange the check-in online.

Step 1

Go to the homepage of our website

Step 2

Choose your language

Step 3

Select Online Check-In in the blue box

Step 4

Fill in your information including Ticket Number, Flight Number, Last Name and First Name

Step 5

Then click on the Baggage Policy link to find out what you need to know about your checked and carry-on baggage. You can tick the box to show your understanding.

Step 6

Click the check-in button and move forward to next page. Check all the information to make sure it is correct.

If you prefer to add with any travelling companion, click "ADD PASSENGER" and add with the information.

Then click "NEXT" after finished.




Step 7

Please double check your information. If there is no problem, click "Confirm and Submit" button.

Step 8

You can start to select the seat(s) on this Page,  click and reserve the seat(s).


Step 9

Click "PROCEED TO CHECK-IN" button once you confirmed the seat(s) selection. 

Step 10

Your online check-in is now completed.


Step 11

You can download or print your check-in information before you leave the page.

Online Check-in Operation Video