Greater Bay Airlines welcomes the labour importation scheme

(13 June 2023) To tackle the manpower shortage in respective sectors in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong SAR Government today announced the labour importation scheme, and a quota of 6,300 people is allocated to jobs for the aviation industry. Greater Bay Airlines CEO Stanley Hui welcomes the scheme and says the initiatives will help speed up the recovery of the aviation industry and the preparedness for more flights operated from Hong Kong and overseas, reinforcing Hong Kong’s unique status as an international aviation hub.

Hui said the number of passengers and flight movements handled by Hong Kong International Airport in April 2023 were only about 48% and 60% respectively of the same month in 2019, before COVID. Manpower shortage, being one of the main reasons of the above situation, has also affected the flight resumption of airlines to a certain extent. He added, the recovery of the aviation industry will bring positive impact on tourism and the overall economic development of Hong Kong.

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