Greater Bay Airlines requires passengers to fasten seatbelt at all times starting tomorrow

(29 May 2024) Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) today announced the introduction of a new initiative to require passengers to fasten the seatbelt at all times during the flight even when the seatbelt sign is off, starting tomorrow (30 May). This is a precautionary measure for passenger safety which is always the priority at GBA.

Announcements will be made onboard and cabin crew will also remind passengers to fasten the seatbelt if they have not done so. Passengers can still feel free to use the toilet when the seatbelt sign is off.

This is not a mandatory requirement. The main objective of the initiative is to help enhance the safety awareness of passengers. Some recent flight incidents of individual airlines suggested that fastening the seatbelt is an effective way to protect passengers, especially under unpredictable or severe weather conditions, such as convectively induced turbulence and clear-air turbulence.

GBA commenced scheduled service in July 2022 and is currently operating flights between Hong Kong and Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Manila, etc. with a fleet of eight Boeing 737-800 aircraft. For more information, please visit

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