Greater Bay Airlines welcomes the initiatives of the Policy Address

(25 October 2023) As stated in the 2023 Policy Address delivered by the Chief Executive today, the Hong Kong SAR Government will introduce a number of initiatives to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international aviation hub and revitalise different sectors in the city. These include the enhancement of the intermodal passenger service that provides convenience to Mainland and international passengers who can enjoy seamless travel between the Mainland and other places in the world via Hong Kong; the introduction of signature tourism products that appeal to visitors from all over the world as well as various measures that are set to attract and retain talents. Greater Bay Airlines CEO Stanley Hui welcomes and supports all these initiatives. He believes these will not only bring positive impact to Hong Kong’s tourism, aviation and other respective industries but will also help Hong Kong integrate into our country’s development in a better manner and create strong impetus for development in different aspects, leveraging on Hong Kong’s unique advantage of the strong support from our country and the close connection to the world.

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