Manage Booking

Manage Booking

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Prepaid meals are only available for purchase up to 72 hours before flight departure, and therefore are not available after online check-in.

If you want to purchase a seat or extra baggage allowance after checking in online, you are required to: 

  1. Cancel your online check-in via Manage Booking.
  2. Within Manage Booking, purchase the seat and/or extra baggage allowance and proceed to payment.
  3. Follow the web-prompts to check-in for your flight online again.

No, you have to proceed to airport for changes.


Please contact our Service Centre to check whether your ticket can be changed  but fees may incur/apply based on the Terms and Conditions of the fare type that you have paid/purchased.

If you wish to purchase a prepaid seat, prepaid meal, or prepaid baggage, you may add these services via Manage Booking on the Greater Bay Airlines’ website and pay online.