Greater Bay Airlines welcomes the initiatives of Budget Speech for aviation industry recovery

(22 February 2023) In the Financial Secretary’s 2023-24 Budget Speech, the HKSAR Government introduced a number of initiatives to support the recovery of the aviation industry and to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international aviation hub with the Three-Runway System of the Hong Kong International Airport scheduled to complete in 2024. The Government will also enhance the aircraft leasing preferential tax regime to help Hong Kong build an effective aircraft leasing and financing platform. Greater Bay Airlines CEO Stanley Hui welcomes and supports these initiatives. He believes such initiatives will not only benefit Hong Kong’s economic growth but will also make Hong Kong a more competitive international aviation hub and aircraft leasing and financing centre, bringing positive impact to the aviation industry and the long-term economic development of Hong Kong.

Moreover, the Government will also inject $200 million into the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund and increase the training spaces of the GBA Youth Aviation Industry Internship Programme. Greater Bay Airlines is confident that these measures will help nurture more young talent and meet the rising manpower demand for the aviation industry.

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